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KunHadi Events

Kunhadi's 12th Anniversary Celebration

It has been twelve years since Kunhadi was founded in 2006. To mark this special occasion, Kunhadi celebrated its 12th Anniversary on October 24th in a press conference under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism, His Excellency Avedis Guidanian, at The Smallville Hotel in Badaro, Beirut at 6:00 p.m.

The event presenter, economic media expert Mr. Maurice Matta, opened the ceremony by welcoming guests, including the political and public figures, road safety experts and professionals from the private sector, for their commitment to improving road safety in Lebanon.

Kunhadi legal advisor, Attorney Me. Mark Habka

Beirut Legal Firm Managing Partner took the stage to recount the organization’s journey to road safety throughout the past twelve years, and stressed on the importance of the strict implementation of the traffic law in order to reduce traffic accidents.

Kunhadi President Fady Gebrane

“As is our tradition, every anniversary holds with it a surprise” stated Kunhadi President, Mr. Fady Gebrane. "This year, we are introducing a carpooling App, FLEETS, which is created by Kataeb Students and Youth and will be powered by Kunhadi exclusively for university students in an effort to reduce traffic jams, reduce pollution, increase social interaction and educate students on the Traffic Law.

The Anniversary also hgihlighted the Save The Night project which works on raising awareness on the risks of drunk and fatigue driving as well as discouraging underage and harmful consumption of alcohol. It engages nightlife stakeholders in youth safety by providing their staff members with specialized trainings enabling them to create a safer environment for young partygoers.

Kunhadi will be awarding “Save The Night” label for nightclubs and valet parking companies whose staff complete Kunhadi trainings and meet the safety requirements stated in the Nightclub Code. This code is created in collaboration with the Ministry of tourism and the partnership of the Syndicate of Night Clubs. Labeled nightclubs and pubs will be featured on Zomato App, in addition to social media networks and websites of Kunhadi, Zomato, and the Syndicate. Mr. Gebrane encourages all nightclub owners in Lebanon to participate in this project and get engaged in saving lives.

The president of The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafés, Night-Clubs and Pastries in Lebanon, Mr. Tony Ramy

Mr. Ramy stated that the Syndicate is keen on contributing to all activities related to the safety of restaurant, nightclub and pub clients, and ensuring that Save The Night project reaches every place in Lebanon and serves this purpose. The Syndicate supports the continuous collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Kunhadi as well as the Internal Security Forces, confirming that it will enhance nightlife safety. The Syndicate will publish "Save the Night" Labeled outlets on its website and social media as well.

The Minister of Tourism, His Excellency Avedis Guidanian

His Excellency emphasized the Ministry’s dedication to the Save the Night project in terms of ensuring the safety of party-goers and to all of Kunhadi's projects created in an effort to decrease car crashes.

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