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Blood Alcohol Level

Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (b.a.c.) depends on several factors like your gender, weight, what type of alcohol you had, the quantity you had, and whether or not you ate prior consuming alcohol.

The body removes approximately 0.10 g/l of alcohol per hour so if you have an alcohol level of 0.5 g/l, you will need 5 hours until your b.a.c. is reduced to 0.0 g/l.

This table will help you calculate the amount of alcohol that enters your body and how long it will be until you are fit to drive again.

According to the Lebanese traffic law article 17, drivers are prohibited to drive with a b.a.c. that exceeds 0.5 g/l.

Be careful: sleeping at night does not guarantee your b.a.c. will be 0 g/l in the morning. Your b.a.c. the next day can still exceed the legal limit and you can still be under the dangers of drunk driving.
Make sure you calculate your b.a.c. and the time you need until alcohol is entirely expelled out of your body by the next morning.

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