Youth Awarness on ROAD SAFETY!

KunHadi Events

KunHadi Events

Kunhadi's Eigth Mother's Day Brunch - Amar Seaside Antelias

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Kunhadi held its eighth Mother’s Day fundraising brunch sponsored by Addmind Group, Chtaura Frozen Foods, Manyfood sarl, and Master on March 20, 2017 at Amar Seaside - Antelias at 10 in the morning.

During her speech, Kunhadi Vice President, Mrs. Lena Gebrane, urged mothers to always be the best and safest role models on the road for their children, as mothers’ driving behavior heavily influences the driving of their children in the future.
Mrs. Gebrane also thanked all guests and supporters for their participation that will enable Kunhadi to continue raising road safety awareness in schools and universities.

After enjoying a lovely brunch, the mothers won valuable gifts in a raffle and received Kunhadi goodie bags offered by a number of Kunhadi supporters.

Click here for photos of the brunch.