Youth Awarness on ROAD SAFETY!

KunHadi Events

KunHadi Events

Taxi Night Summer 2017 - Caprice

Beirut, Lebanon, July 18th, 2017


As an alternative to preaching about the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol, Kunhadi created Taxi Night: a party where guests are prohibited from driving their own cars. Instead, the organization for road safety awareness offers guests 2-way Taxi rides that pick them up from any area in Lebanon and takes them to the party venue. At the end of the night, Taxis take patrons back to their homes safe and sound!


In addition to mandatory complimentary taxi rides, what characterizes this party is the limited number of free drinks every guests receives – only two drinks – to discourage excessive drinking, as well as open water and soft drinks, to raise awareness on the importance of remaining hydrated while partying.



“Taxi Night” nineteenth Edition took place on July 18, 2017 at Caprice - Dora, sponsored by Zaatar w Zeit and Sannine Water.


Zaatar w Zeit:

‘Every year we join hands with Kunhadi in order to promote a cause that is very dear to the hearts of everybody at Zaatar w Zeit. Road safety is an issue that we still face today, as we have all lost somebody, or know of somebody who has passed away due to a car crash. As a brand that Loves Regardless, Zaatar w Zeit’s promise to give back to the community remains consistent and strong as ever. Similar to previous years, the team at Zaatar w Zeit would like to extend their continuous support to Kunhadi, as we both believe in the important role that road safety plays in preserving the precious lives of the ones we love.’


Around mid-night, Zaatar w Zeit distributed light snacks among guests to replenish their energy for the rest of the night and keep their enjoyment at its peak.


A number of public figures joined Taxi Night to set a safe role model for younger generations and promote the use of Taxis.

Previous Ministers Nicolas Sahnaoui and Elias Abou Saab,

Talk show hosts Rima Karaki, Tony Baroud, Tarek Soueid, Sanaa Nasr, Carine Salameh and Rodolph Hilal,

Actors: Karla Botrous and Nicolas Mezher,

Sports champion Silvio Chiha,

Singer Naji Osta,

as well as  ‘World Next Top Model 2017’ contestants took a Taxi and joined their voice to Kunhadi in raising awareness on drunk driving.