Youth Awarness on ROAD SAFETY!



There's No Network Underground

Mobile phones were invented to connect people together. When Internet was added to smartphones, people were able to stay connected to everything happening around the world all the time. This technology is quite impressive! So impressive that it quickly turned into an addiction.

Everyone is always on their phone. You see people hanging out with their friends yet they keep checking their phones. It’s like there’s a whole different world going on inside these smartphones. How many times have you said or heard someone saying “I can’t live without my mobile” or “I lose my mind when I forget my phone at home”?

This smartphone addiction is an epidemic when it comes to road safety; it became one of the leading causes of fatal crashes around the world in recent years, even in countries where law enforcement is extremely strict.
Everybody knows it’s very risky: looking at the phone for 1 second while driving at 50 km/hr means driving 14 meters with eyes off the road! Countless things could happen along these 14 meters, but does that stop people from looking their phones? No. This is a 100% behavioral problem.

So, Kunhadi and our partners at M&C Saatchi MENA decided to paly on this addiction to being connected all the time and created Kunhadi’s third distracted driving campaign, sponsored by Lebanon’s leading mobile operator Alfa Telecom, to remind people that “There’s No Network Underground”.  So if you think you can’t live a few moments without being connected through your mobile, imagine what’s it like when your mobile takes you 6ft under, where there’s no network, no internet, no social media and no one else. Quite lonely, isn’t it? So control your addiction to smart phones, at least while driving.