Youth Awarness on ROAD SAFETY!



"We Won't Forget You" - Speeding Campaign

With the terrifyingly high numbers of young people dying on Lebanon’s roads, people often see pictures of young traffic victims and a promise: “we won’t forget you”.

Ironically, the majority of people sharing these remembrance pictures, whether on their cars, on their social media networks or at their homes, preserve their driving behaviors as they were.

People quickly forget that it was not a virus that killed their loved one; it was a decision someone made on the road.

Sponsored by Arab Open University, Kunhadi teamed up with its partners at M&C Saatchi, prominent Lebanese advertising agency, to promote the respect of speed limits to stop the leading cause of fatal crashes – and death – among Lebanese youth.

The poignant campaign touches on the fact that if driver behavior remains unchanged, anyone could be lost due excess of speed. 

It portrays the future past of a picture of three friends having a good time when one of them is no longer alive. The campaign urges drivers to respect speed limits in order not to turn happy memories into unforgettable tragic ones.

A press conference will be held at Arab Open University Antelias campus on June 9, 2015 to officially launch the campaign.

In parallel, the campaign will be presented on LED screens, unipole, scrollers, in magazines, via radio spots and TV interviews.