Wear A Helmet

Wear The Helmet And Buckle It

Most physical injuries resulting from a motorbike crash can be cured. Even serious injuries like amputations can be cured thanks to prosthetic body parts. The same cannot be said about head injuries. Direct contact with the brain can lead to coma or death.

That’s why the brain enjoys the utmost protection inside the human skull: It is contained in liquid wrapped by a membrane, which in turn is protected by the human skull. The liquid’s function is to slow the brain’s motion down to prevent it from coming in contact -and breaking- the membrane and touching the skull.

When a cyclist is involved in a crash, it is paramount that they would be wearing a helmet as the head is the first body part that collides with the pavement.

 So how does the helmet protect the head?

1. It spreads the impact force over a greater area to decrease its intensity, consequently, preventing the impact from being concentrated on one small area

2. It absorbs some of the impact and the brain does not hit the skull with a great force

3. It prevents a direct contact between the skull and other objects the impacting object

 Important: You have to change your helmet:

. If it came in strong impact with another object

. Every three years because factors like humidity and the sun render it ineffective