Adib Maarkesh

"They lower my body into a dirt grave, It feels so cold, I yell to be saved. I see an angel, I begin to cry. Can you tell me what is happening? Then she tells me I died. I can’t be...

Grace Makhal

Mohamad Ali

Mohamad Ali, 20 years old, passed away on Habboush Highway dangerous turn. Plzzzz people wake up !!! To arrive late is better than to never arrive ! If you don't fear for your safety, then...

Jana Roumani

Sandi Accari

"Almost 40 days since you left us and I still cannot believe that you have gone so early like that not because you were sick but because someone have decided to drive without respecting the speed...

Naji Al Accari

Ta ma ysir metel ma sar fa sou2o bi wa3e

April 26, 2013 Fady Chalita, 20 years. Speed driving took away his life. Driving is not a game; your car can become a weapon that will destroy your life or the life of someone else. R.I.P....

Maya Karam

"Because someone decided to save few minutes of his life and he took years and years of my sister's"

December 14, 2012 Please share this with those you know love speeding on the road. They don’t always understand the pain they cause to others. This message is written by Sunanish- her twin...


"for this life that misses its greatest men, lets all be brave and drive carefully"

February 21, 2013 "Many of us have lost one of their beloved. Hady few years ago, Toufic few months ago, Elie few days ago and now Rony few hours ago.. However, still too many and many other...

Hiba Hage Obeid

Have Faith & Be Patient...

Two years ago, I used to be an inexperienced optimistic person ; I have never felt fear. I used to be a kind person who thought nothing could ever hurt me, until a normal morning " 31-03-2012...

Shadi Nizam

If You Love Speed, Stay Safe And Do It The Right Way!

Meet Gullnar Matta, mother of three young ladies and a speed lover! To practice her favourite hobby, Gulnar went to a specialized drifting school and races regularly on specialized racing tracks...

Gullnar Matta

Elias Khoury

Elias Maroun, 19 years old, passed away in a car crash on November 12, 2014, leaving a permanent scar in the hearts of his family and friends. لو كان للموت طفل لادرك ما...

Mariana El Khoury

Hadi a sauve plus de monde que n’importe quelle campagne de prvention!

Je tenais juste vous faire part d’une exprience qui m’a fait chaud au coeur. Il y a deux jours j’tais en voiture avec un ami, qui avait dj fait de petits accidents cause de la vitesse....

Kim Issa

My Story



Car Crash Nigeria

Leaving them at home isn't necessarily depriving them of culture and heritage. If you see how some Nigerian parties work in the US, then you'd know that they aren't missing much. Usually there's...



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