Race on the Track... Drive on the Road

 Reasons why you shouldn't exceed speed limits

1. All roads have speed limit signs, put there by engineers for good reasons. Signs also tell you that there's a school ahead and Traffic lights, a crossing or a turn(which can be dangerous).

2. It takes you 12 minutes to reach a distance of 20 km if you are traveling at 100 km/h. If you travel the same distance at 120 km/h, it will take you 10 minutes. That way, you gain 2 minutes. Although you might end up loosing those 2 minutes anyway when you get caught in a traffic jam or have to stop at a red light.

3. There are special tracks made for racing where exceeding speed limits is allowed where extra precautions should also be taken like wearing helmets.

So: Race on the track... Drive on the road