Our Policy

My wife and I lost a son, our two daughters a brother and our community has lost someone who was making a valuable contribution.

His friends and family decided to establish an association for youth awareness on road safety called Kunhadi.

Kunhadi's goal is to work on lowering the road car crashes toll in Lebanon. Better community understanding of road safety issues and solutions is important in achieving our goal. As a community we now have greater awareness and understanding of the factors contributing to road deaths and injuries:

Drink driving should be regarded as socially unacceptable, we need to change people’s attitude to speeding, driving while fatigued, and not wearing seat belts.

 Quality Policy

Kunhadi is dedicated to seek and provide all possible resources for the promotion of road safety awareness among youth, through its commitment to quality management systems and proceedings.


Kunhadi strives to be the pioneer in youth awareness on road safety in Lebanon and the region.


Kunhadi's mission is to introduce a new driving culture among youth to keep them safe on Lebanese roads.