“Let’s Cross The Road Safely” Campaign Conclusion and Results


In May 2017, Beirut Municipality partnered with Kunhadi to launch a national campaign to raise awareness on pedestrian safety, in collaboration with Beirut Police, FIA Foundation, Automobile and Touring Club Lebanon and Porsche Club Lebanon.

The campaign was set to address the problem of high pedestrian fatalities in Lebanon, where over 40% of road traffic fatalities are pedestrians.

With the ain to raise awareness on the utility of pedestrian safe crossings, the campaign was displayed on LED screens around the capital and flyers detailing the role of drivers and pedestrians were distributed among drivers, especially on cross roads with traffic lights.

Kunhadi visited more than 14 schools around the capital to conduct interactive road safety conferences to students starting the age of 6, to explain the correct use of crosswalks and to encourage them to influence their parents to also use crossings, especially close to schools.

In addition to its role in raising awareness, this campaign included the installation and rehabilitation of over 15 pedestrian safe crossings in different areas around Beirut.

The closing ceremony of the campaign took place on November 7, 2017 at ATCL - Kaslik in the presence of Kesrouan Commissioner Joseph Mansour, ATCL Vice President Nabil Karam, Secretary General Kamil Eddeh, Treasurer Gilbert Massihi, FIA Coordinator in the MENA and ATCL board member Imad Lahhoud, and board members Gaby Totenji, dr. George Ghonayme, and Me. Elie Assaf, ATCL general director Charbel Gerges, Kunhadi President and Vice President, Fady and Lena Gebrane, Porsche Club Lebanon President Jean-Pierre Kebbe and the media.

The ceremony was launched with the national hymn that was followed by a welcoming speech by Mr. Lahhoud stating that this campaign is in line with the ATCL activities that aim to raise road safety awareness among youth through motorsports, confirming future collaboration with Kunhadi on new road safety projects.

Mr. Karam applauded Kunhadi’s efforts to raise awareness and save young people’s lives. praising Mr. Gebrane for his dedication to this organization and its crucial mission.

In his speech, Porsche Club Lebanon President Mr. Kebbe stressed that love of speed and race cars should never mean recklessness. Quite the contrary, speed lovers should be pioneers in their commitment to safe behaviors and traffic regulations.

Kunhadi President, Mr. Gebrane, thanked the engagement of Beirut Municipality and Police, FIA Foundation, ATCL and Porsche Club Lebanon in this campaign to save lives.
Stating road traffic statistics from 2016 that amounted to 477 victims and 4879 injured, over 30% of whom were pedestrians, Gebrane
stressed on the importance of continued efforts to promote pedestrian safety.

The conclusion speech was given by Mr. Massihi who thanked Kunhadi on behalf of ATCL and repeated the motorsports’ commitment to safety and road regulations in all its activities.

The conference was followed by a lunch in honor of the conference guests.