Sassine gets new safe crossings in the course of the 'Pedestrian Campaign'


Launched in May 2017, the Pedestrian Campaign was a joint partnership between Beirut Municipality and Kunhadi, in collaboration with Beirut Police, the FIA Foundation, Automobile et Touring Club du Liban and Porsche Club Lebanon, aiming to bring pedestrian safety to light, and create a culture of crossing the road safely on crosswalks.

The national campaign included the installation and rehabilitation of over 15 cross walks around the capital, to helt drivers see the white lines easier and keep them clear for pedestrians to cross.

Towards the end of September, new safe crossings and road markings were installed in Achrafiyeh and in Beirut Port.

Earlier this month, Sagesse Achrafiyeh and Spinneys Achrafiyeh roads were rehabilitated and repainted and recently, Sassine was added to the group to keep the numerous pedestrians who cross the busy plaza's large cross roads every day.


What you can do to help us:


- When the light turns red, stop BEFORE the white lines to keep the crosswalk clear for pedestrians to cross the road visibly and in a straight line
- Do not enter the safe crossing as long as there is a pedestrian walking on the lines
- Don't park on the white lines; keep them clear at all times
- Don't double park close to pedestrian safe crossings
- Slow down when you're close to crosswalks


- Only cross the road on the designated crosswalks when the pedestrian light turns green; help drivers see you and expect you
- Wear bright clothes or
refective material to help drivers see you, especially at night or in cloudy weather