New Crosswalks on Sagesse School and Spinneys Achrafiyeh


In May 2017, the Municipality of Beirut, Beirut Police, the FIA Foundation, ATCL, Porsche Club Lebanon came together to launch a Pedestrian Safety campaign to raise awareness on the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians.

The pedestrian campaign that focuses on the correct behavior around Cross Walks, by both drivers and pedestrians, also includes the installation and rehabilitation of over fifteen crosswalks around Beirut.

In September 2017, two new cross walks were installed in Beirut Port and in St. Nicolas Achrafiyeh.

The beginning of October witnessed the installation of two additional crosswalks in Achrafiyeh- on Sagesse School cross road and on Spinneys’ cross road.
Road markings are also painted on the road to keep them visible at night and to help drivers know the road ahead.

These crosswalks are installed on crossroads where traffic lights exist, to launch the culture of stopping before the white lines when the light turns red.

Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, please help us make our roads safe for everyone:

Pedestrians: only cross the road on the crosswalk’s white lines when the pedestrian light turns green.

Drivers: stop BEFORE the white lines and keep the crosswalks clear for pedestrians to cross the road visibly and safely