New Pedestrian Safe Crossings in Achrafiyeh and Beirut Port As Part of the Pedestrian Campaign


The Pedestrian Campaign is not over yet!

In May 2017, Kunhadi partnered with the Municipality of Beirut, Beirut Police, the FIA Foundation, ATCL and Porsche Club Lebanon, to launch a national campaign to raise awareness on Pedestrian rights and responsibilities.
The campaign included the rehabilitation of over fifteen Pedestrian Safe Crossings around Beirut, to provide road users with facilities to keep them save.

The campaign is still in progress, and new safe crossings are being rehabilitated and installed around Lebanon’s capital. Last of which were two safe crossings installed in the month of September, in Achrafiyeh - St. Nicolas Church and Beirut Prot.

Installed at junctions with traffic lights, the safe crossingss help pedestrians to walk on one side of the road, or to cross safely to the opposite side.

Special call to drivers: please do NOT park on the white lines! Parking on the lines will erase them and will force pedestrians to cross the road in unsafe spots.