Kunhadi and Flugen Rides at Jean & Joanna's Wedding


Every occasion is an occasion to remind everyone around to stay safe on the road, and even make it easier for them.

That is exactly what Jean and Joanna did for their wedding on August 5!
The two newly weds joined hands with Kunhadi and used the Wedding Service to provide their guests with easy alternatives to driving under the effect of alcohol and/or fatigue.

Fifteen Flugen Rides cars and five drivers were present at the wedding venue in Saoufar and offered transportation wedding guests who found themselves too intoxicated or sleepy to drive safely back home.


Kunhadi Wedding Service in partnership with Flügen Rides aims to decrease the number of road traffic crashes after weddings caused by fatigue and alcohol consumption.

Lots of Love & Happiness for the newly weds and kudos for watching over the safety of your guests!