Tips to keep Cyclists visible and safe on the road


In a recent report, the Wall Street Journal offered very simple yet significantly effective tips for cyclists to remain visible to drivers and other road users.

These tips that are based on a research by Clemsen Univeristy are simple adjustments to clothing and taillights, like:

1. Incorporating Flashing lights and turning them on even during daytime:

Static lights (that don't blink or flash) certainly keep the cyclist a lot more visible to drivers. Flashing lights, however, are even more visile to drivers. Furthermore, experts suggest adding flash lights to the biker's feet, ankles or the pedals. Professors at Clemsen University found that the up and down movement is very recognizable by approaching drivers

2. Take advantage of the Bio motion:

Wearing fluorescent jersey or jacket doesn't make a cyclist significantly more visible than a biker wearing black clothing. And that's because although drivers see the fluorescent color more than black, they cannot distinguish it from other elements on the road if they saw it from a long distance. 

As an alternative, experts recomend wearing the fluorescent colors on mobing parts ot the biker's body, like their feet and legs. Thanks to pattern of motion of the legs, drivers will easily recognize the cyclist, making it far more effective and visible than wearing this color on the driver's torso.

3. Don’t rely on reflective clothing!

While reflective material highlights the cyclists, they won't work when a light is shining directly on it.

Bike-share programs in New York and London are using laser lights attached to the bicycle, that projects an image of a bicycle onto the road, 6 meters in front of it, alerting drivers, pedestrians and other riders when a cyclist is coming up

However, the most important safety measure to cyclists, will always be their attention!


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