Switzerland wins top Road Safety award in Europe


The 2017 ETSC Road Safety Performance Index award was presented to Switzerland after it registered a 15% drop in road deaths in 2016. Deaths have declined by 34% since 2010 and by 60% since 2001. 

The country now has the lowest road mortality in Europe (26 deaths per million inhabitants), together with Norway (last year’s winner). Switzerland has climbed five places in ETSC’s ranking over the past five years.

“Switzerland deserves international recognition because, despite its good record on road safety, the country has refused to rest on its laurels,” declared ETSC executive director Antonio Avenoso on Tuesday.

“Since 2013, the Via sicura programme has led to the announcement of 20 new measures. Switzerland now has zero tolerance of drink driving for novice and commercial vehicle drivers, is improving infrastructure safety and is drafting legislation to lower the risks among young and novice drivers,” he added.

This article was originally featured on www.swissinfo.ch