'Nap & Go' on the Lebanese coast


Everyone knows the dangers of drunk driving, and the dangers of distracted driving, but how many people are aware of the dangers of fatigue driving?

Getting behind the wheel when you are exhausted or drowsy is almost as dangerous as driving drunk: your sight becomes blurry, your eyelids close involuntarily, and you won’t notice the changes in your speed or how often your swerving between lanes.

In fact, fatigue driving is one of the 7 leading causes of fatal traffic crashes in Lebanon.

To avoid all that, a nap is the best way to go! A power nap of just 15 minutes will boost your energy and refresh your focus.

That’s why Picon, Kunhadi and Medco joined forces to give you safe rest spots where you can pull over and safely take a nap.

Five ‘Nap & Go’ spots are ready for you along the Lebanese coast, at Medco gas stations in:

  1. Damour
  2. Jiyyeh
  3. Dora
  4. Byblos
  5. Monsef

Five additional spots will be ready by the end of 2017.