Kunhadi Wedding Service in partnership with Flügen Rides


Initiated by spontaneous demands by the public, the Wedding Service comes as the Third stage in a long-standing initiative launched by Kunhadi over 9 years ago.

So how was it born?

Flashback to 2007, when Kunhadi launched the first Taxi Night party; it’s a party where guests are prohibited from using their personal cars. Instead, the Road Safety organization picks them up from anywhere in Lebanon and drops them off at the party, then back again, in a two-way taxi, free of charge.

This party concept came as a subtle - yet more effective - initiative to instill an actual behavior change among youth and introduced the concept of taking a taxi back home after a party into their daily lives.

What made this initiative drive a real change of behavior among people was that it offered young party-goers a chance to experience first-hand the benefits and comfort of using a Taxi, while the traditional and more common methods were better at repelling them with preaching tones.

A few years later, in 2011, young party and prom organizers began calling upon Kunhadi asking help to include Taxis in their events, with the purpose of making it easier for their peers to take a taxi than to drive their cars under the influence.




In 2016, the taxi virus was caught by brides and grooms, who also wanted their guests to arrive at their wedding and leave safely. And just like young event organizers, wedding planners asked Kunhadi for assistance to include taxis in weddings.

The first couple to use Kunhadi Wedding service distributed cards among their guests to let them know that:
“As of midnight, Kunhadi complimentary chauffeurs and Taxis will be ready to take you (and your car) home safely.”

That same card had been used in weddings that followed.

How does it work?
Having a history of bringing citizens and Taxi companies/drivers closer, Kunhadi became a trustworthy reference for both individuals and Taxi companies.
The organization channeled this earned trust towards coordinating between the two parties so that event planners could receive special discounts to include taxi cars in their events and secure the safety of their guests.
Keeping in mind people who drive their cars to the event but eventually find themselves unfit to get behind the wheel, Kunhadi makes sure a number of chauffeurs are ready at the venue to drive those guests home, in their own cars.

This year, to guarantee wedding guests receive the best service available, Kunhadi partnered up with Flügen Rides.

Flugen Rides is a taxi-hailing app that gathers all drivers who completed Kunhadi Taxi Driver course that includes training on: the New Lebanese Traffic Law, Defensive Driving, Professional Customer Service with a special focus on dealing with intoxicated drivers, and basics of first-aid.  


For more information: call 05/450516 or 71/264415