Kunhadi Organized the 18th Edition of its “Taxi Night”


Kunhadi Organized the 18th Edition of its “Taxi Night”


Beirut, Lebanon, April 24th, 2017: Kunhadi hosted its 18th edition of “Taxi Night”, sponsored by Bankers Insurance, United Petroleum and Zaatar w Zeit, under the slogan: “The best place to be in after a night out? The back seat” The event took place on April 22th, 2017 at 10:00 pm at B018, Beirut.

“Taxi Night” is a concept created by Kunhadi in 2007 to promote the use of taxis after a night of partying, whereby guests arrive to the venue and leave by two-way taxis offered by Kunhadi, as they are prohibited to drive their own cars to this event.

Zaatar w Zeit:

Every year, Zaatar w Zeit joins hands with Kunhadi in order to promote Road Safety in Lebanon. This cause is fighting against a growing epidemic that affects everyone. We have all lost someone a dear on the road, or at least know of someone who lost their life on the road. And as a brand that Loves Regardless, Zaatar w Zeit’s promise to give back to the community remains consistent and strong as ever. Similarly to previous years, Zaatar w Zeit team extended its continuous support to Kunhadi in its mission to protect the lives of youth on the road.

Bankers Insurance:

In its continuous effort to support Kunhadi in promoting awareness on the dangers of drinking and driving, Bankers Assurance participated in this year’s Taxi Night event, during which, digital alcohol testers were distributed encouraging partygoers to always check their blood alcohol level before jumping into the driver’s seat.

“We at Bankers believe in Kunhadi’s mission, and we feel that it is part of our responsibility to actively contribute to a safer community and to the protection of our youth. That is why we partnered with them in 2013 by launching the “ Fly with Kunhadi and Bankers” campaign that rewarded motor insurance policyholders who did not incur a car accident during their policy period. This year we continue to show our support by sponsoring the 18th edition of Taxi Night” – Mr. Raymond Cham – CEO.
Mr. Cham concluded by thanking Kunhadi for their commitment and dedication to raising road safety awareness but also for the opportunities the organization is giving companies from the private sector to be a part of it and help spread the message. “Together, we can reduce the risk of fatal crashes among our young drivers”, he stated.

United Petroleum

United Petroleum Company joined Kunhadi to raise road awareness on reckless driving, especially under the influence of alcohol. United Chairperson & CEO Mrs. Jocelyne Joseph Tayeh asserted her dedication to Road Safety in Lebanon and extended her support to Kunhadi’s future plans in the objective of raising awareness, by providing the organization with logistics regression models for safer driving on individual and national. Mrs. Jocelyne Tayeh also reminded the youth in Lebanon of life’s grace and beauty and called on a strong peer pressure to spread a positive influence among the community.

At mid-night, Zaatar w Zeit distributed light snacks among the guests to replenish their energy for the rest of the night. This initiative was accompanied by open water and soft drinks distribution, in addition to limited alcohol drinks (2 drinks per ticket), reinforced hydration and moderate drinking to keep guests’ enjoyment at its peak, and guaranteed their safety till the end of the night.

A number of celebrities joined Taxi Night to set a safe role model for younger generations and promote the use of Taxis, such as: star May Hariri, Carine Salameh, Tarek Soueid, Carla Botrous, Badih Abou Chakra, Miss Lebanon 2016 Valerie Abou Chakra, Wissam Saliba, Carlos Azar, and Lebanese sports champion Silvio Chiha.