Kunhadi Taxi Night Spring 2017


It’s a Saturday night party where you don’t have to worry about driving in Saturday traffic, finding a reservation at B018, or if the club will be playing your favorite songs!

Kunhadi will pick you up from anywhere in Lebanon to B018 where Mix Fm’s Chris will be playing all-time classics from the 80s that you forgot how much you’ve missed!

After midnight, Zaatar w Zeit will get your belly covered, and Sannine’s open water will keep you hydrated throughout the night.

When you're ready to go back home, Taxis will be waiting for you at the exit door to take you safely back home!

Tickets are available at Malik's Lebanon for:
$50 regular include: two-ways taxi, 2 regular drinks, open water and soft drinks
$70 premium include: two-ways taxi, 2 premium drinks, open water and soft drinks.

Taxi Night is sponsored by Bankers, United and Zaatar w Zeit.