Porsche Club partners with Kunhadi to improve pedestrian safety in Lebanon


On the 26th of March 2017 during a planned ride to Chez Michel – Faqra, following a distinctive visit to Mr. Billy Karam private museum in Zouk, Porsche Club Lebanon has anoounced its collaboration with Kunhadi in implementing two educational projects aiming at improving road users’ skills and behaviors on the road and raising awareness on safe road crossing.

Project one: Porsche Club Lebanon will be supporting Kunhadi’s special course to educate Lebanese young drivers the new traffic law, by training 120 new drivers on the principles, the rules, and the laws of road safety. 

Project two: Since the New Lebanese Traffic law was launched without being explained to the public to know their rights and obligations and since pedestrians, motorcyclists and motorists do not respect traffic lights or crosswalks, Kunhadi in collaboration with the Municipality of Beirut, FIA Foundation, ATCL and Porsche Club Lebanon chose to launch a pilot project in Beirut, the most populated city in Lebanon, and paint ten safe crossings (pedestrian zebra lines) in the objective of:

- Educating Lebanese pedestrians on their rights and obligations, especially on the use of crosswalks and respect of traffic signals through a 3-month campaign.
- Educating motorists and motorcyclists on respecting crosswalks’ boundaries and on respecting traffic lights through TV tips and a billboard campaign.
- Kunhadi will train the Municipality Policemen of Beirut based on the new Lebanese Traffic Law on automotive and pedestrian management over a period of 2 months.
- Educating school children on correct pedestrian behavior and the use of crosswalks through conferences in schools located in Beirut.
- Providing pedestrians with a safe way to cross intersections by restoring the unmaintained crosswalks and encouraging the proper use of crosswalks and traffic lights. 

All of the above will be paralleled Internal Security Forces enforcement of the traffic law.