Kunhadi Mothers Day Brunch 2017 to raise funds for Road Safety


We all wonder what to get our mothers on Mothers' Day. What gift could possibly express how much we appreciate the love and care they have given us every day since our birth? Nothing could ever come close to equate what they have given us except... our safety. Our safety is the best gift to give on Mothers' Day.

What could also be a thoughtful gift on Mothers Day is a ticket to Kunhadi's Mothers Day Brunch.

Aside from the mouth-watering brunch, this event offers guests a fun and warm atmosphere, valuable gifts and great surprises! But the best of all, this event is raising funds to help Kunhadi improve road safety in Lebanon and save the lives of countless young drivers and road users.

Tickets: 50$
RSVP on 05/450516 and 71/264415

Big thanks to our sponsors at BBAC Bank  Hiresh Jewelry and Indomie Lebanon for lending us a hand in our yearly Mothers Day brunch!