"Nap & Go" launched by Kunhadi, Medco and Picon under the patronage of the Minister of Public Works and Transport


MEDCO Gas Station

Under the Patronage of the Minister of Public Works and Transport H.E. Mr. Youssef Fenianos, Medco Picon and Kunhadi launch "Nap & Go" Initiative


The launching ceremony commenced with the national hymn.
The President of Kunhadi, Mr. Fady Gebrane, began his speech by thanking the Minister of Public Works and Transport H.E. Youssef Fenianos represented by Mr. Firas Saad for his support, Picon for sponsoring "Nap & Go" and Medco for making this project possible.
This initiative aims to decrease the toll of traffic crashes caused by fatigue driving.

"Nap & Go" is one of the pillars of "Save the Night" comprehensive project that Kunhadi launched during its 10th Anniversary in November 2016 in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and in collaboration with the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-Clubs & Pastries in Lebanon, aiming to enhance the safety of nightlife in Lebanon and bringing down the toll of traffic crashes at night.


"Save The Night" is built on four pillars that the organizations will launch separately:
1- Raising nightlife standards through training and behavior codes for nightlife staff
2- Improving the Taxi service through training and behavior codes for Taxi drivers
3- Fatigue driving awareness and installation of rest spots
4- Changing the general perception of the use of taxis to make it appealing

The majority of fatal traffic crashes occur at night, caused by excessive speed, fatigue or alcohol consumption.
Gebrane explained the little-known dangers of fatigue driving. "The human body is accustomed to sleeping during specific hours. If the body did not receive the sleep it needs during these hours, it will accumulate a debt of fatigue. And just like debt, this fatigue cannot be paid off by anything other than sleep. That is why, when a person drives during the time when his body is accustomed to sleeping, he carries a heavy debt and will be affected by micro-sleep (sleep for 3-4 seconds). This is extremely dangerous on the road where driver's uninterrupted attention is required all the time."


Gebrane remarked that fatigue cannot be measured and proceeded to list the symptoms of fatigue that are eye irritation, yawning, reduced concentration, micro-sleep (eye-closure that could last from a fraction of a second to 30).


In view of this, and under the Patronage of the Minister of Public Works and Transport, with the sponsorship of Picon and collaboration of Medco, Kunhadi is launching “Nap & Go”, a new initiative in Lebanon to bring down the toll of crashes resulting from fatigue, by equipping ten spots along the Lebanese coast in Medco Gas stations to enable drivers to take short naps or have a cup of coffee before proceeding safely with their long trips.


“Community service comes with MEDCO’s DNA”, said MEDCO Group Marketing and Retail Sales Director Mrs. Michele Chammas Garzouzi. She announced that 5 service stations across Lebanon have their 'Parking beds' ready for weary drivers to rest: MEDCO Dora, MEDCO Monsef, MEDCO Halat, MEDCO Damour, and MEDCO Jieh and five additional spots will be ready by the end of this year.



“Nap & Go” is part of “New Generation” project by Groupe Bel represented by Picon brand, aiming to teach the new generation about civic engagement to improve the community. “This project gives children the opportunity to come up with new ideas and suggest new solutions to common problems in our society. This is where the idea behind “Nap & Go” was born”, explained Picon Marketing Coordinator, Ms. Lea Hochaimi. “Thanks to our joint effort with Kunhadi and Medco, this project finally came to light!”.

The advisor of the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Firas Saad, concluded the ceremony by thanking Kunhadi for its initiatives and achievements to decrease road traffic crashes and affirmed the eagerness of the Minister of Public Works to support all initiatives to improve road safety.

Kunhadi hopes this initiative will have an impact on road safety and will succeed to decrease road traffic crashes at night. Gebrane affirms the organization's readiness to collaborate with all interested stakeholders to awareness and enhance road safety in Lebanon.