Kunhadi President explains the story behind Flugen Rides


Story behind Flügen:


The word “Flügen” was the favorite word of Hady Gebrane, whose tragic road crash in October 2006 lead to the inception of Kunhadi.

Flügen means “go with the flow” and was a word Hady would resort to whenever he did not have an answer or a comment to say or didn’t know how to answer a question. Hady always relied on “Flügen”.

After the tragic loss of Hady in a car crash ten years ago, I looked for something— anything—to keep me grounded. And, like my son had done in the past, I relied on Flügen. On the first anniversary after the crash, my wife, Lena, and I handed out bookmarks inscribed with my late son’s motto. The inscription read “Flügen – By Hady Gebrane.” We wanted to leave people with a memory of our son that properly reflected his gentle and laid-back outlook on life.

Like the bookmark itself, Flügen was a marker for a chapter in my life that I had turned the page on, but always kept near my heart.

Fast forward to the present. My team and I at Kunhadi were having trouble coming up with a name for our new cab service initiative. It reached a point where, after trying for days, I finally gave up and offhandedly said the word my son had used for most of his life to fill in the blanks: “Flügen.” The name perfectly suited our project.

When Hady couldn’t think of the exact thing to say, he relied on Flügen. I would like people to also rely on Flügen in times of uncertainty. Whether they be visiting their grandmothers, or going out to a pub, Flügen can be relied on to serve your needs in an expedient and safe manner.

Flügen Rides is the new taxi-hailing app in Lebanon, powered by Kunhadi. It offers a platform that joins multiple taxi companies and individual taxi drivers who completed Kunhadi Taxi Training and met safety requirements, designed to teach drivers about the new Lebanese traffic law, defensive driving, professional customer service and basics of first-aid.
No need to ask around or search for reliable Taxi services anymore! Now you can simply download Flügen Rides taxi-hailing app and discover a wide network of Taxi companies and individual drivers, and order the closest to your location in just a few taps!
What’s more, every Flugen Driver is certified by Kunhadi, the leading non-governmental organization in Lebanon for Road Safety, after having completed a Taxi training revolved around the Lebanese traffic law, safe driving and professional customer service.
Why Flügen:

- Lebanese company
- powered by Kunhadi
- platform for all Lebanese taxi companies and individual drivers (covering most areas of Lebanon)
- drivers are certified by Kunhadi
- 20% of of Flügen Drivers yearly proceeds are donated to Kunhadi for Road Safety projects
- availability of cars equipped for wheelchairs
- employing special need individuals from car crashes in the Flügen Rides Call center  
Why is it Powered by Kunhadi?

- Its objective is to decrease night car crashes
- Kunhadi trains drivers and certifies those who complete all training sessions and meet safety requirements
- Kunhadi follows-up on drivers' performance through the app ratings and unexpected inspections
- Customer care call center aiming to recruit people sustaining injuries/disabilities caused by traffic crashes
- Special offers for partygoers, to reduce drunk driving among youth
- 20% of yearly proceeds will be donated to Kunhadi's cause

Download Flugen Rides powered by Kunhadi, the app that will get you home safely!

Apple store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flugen-rides/id1147116348?mt=8
Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flugen&hl=en