Chinese drivers discouraging the use of high beam with scary decals


Driving at night is annoying, especially when the driver behind you is blinding you when their high beam. So what’s to be done about this needless annoyance?

Drivers in china have the answer: creepy reflective decals that light up when a bright light in shone on them.

You can buy the decals for fairly cheap prices (3% and 18$) on sides like Taobao.

As fun as the idea sounds, traffic police in some states have warned against using these scary stickers as the shock could cause a traffic crash. In Beijing, police say it’s not illegal to have those stickers on, but the driver with the decals on may have to bear the responsibility of any consequence due to scaring other drivers.

Stores on Taobao offer other alternative than scaring other drivers out of their minds, and get straight to the point like: “Turn off your …… high beam”.