Drunk Driving awareness at Wickerpark 2016


Kunhadi was present at Wickerpark, one of the major music festivals in Lebanon where hundreds of young Lebanese go to celebrate the end of Summer in Batroun, city in the North of Lebanon.

As young festival-goers often drive back 53 km from Batroun to Beirut after having consumed a significant amount of alcohol while enjoying the music, Kunhadi was present with them to explain the effects of alcohol on the consumer’s brain.

In addition to teaching participants how to calculate their blood alcohol level estimate, Kunhadi also let them try the breathalyzer to see their exact b.a.c. level. Kunhadi also explained that the new traffic law in Lebanon limits the b.a.c. level of drivers to 0.5 g/l of blood equivalent to 0.25 mlg/l of exhaled air.