Lunatic Driver Castrated Himself while Speeding


Jessica Duncan- MailOnline
Nicholas St Clair, 27, crashed a car while driving similar to a “Formula 1 manoevre”, in a speed of 57mph, which is nearly twice the speed imit. He hit a car and a tree branch smashed through the window, through the gaps of the steering wheel, and into DSt Clair’s groin. The driver’s testicles were pulled out, and he is now not able to have a normal sexual activity and cannot have children.
St Clair has a criminal history where he was jailed for 3 years for blackmail and holding his friend hostage.
When the crashes happened, he was actually rushing to avoid bail conditions he had.
“Prison officers had noted a 'marked change' in St Clair recently and that it was he who had alerted officers to a brutal assault in Hull Prison earlier this month, which saw an inmate stabbed 20 times by other prisoners.”
St Clair was accused for “driving like a lunatic”, and is not sentenced to eight months in prison. He is also banned from driving for 18 months, after which he has to take a driving re-test.
Other than the fact that he will not be abale to have a full sexual relationship, he also cut his forehead, having 20 stitches, lost a tooth and had heavy bleeding in his groin. The passenger he hit survived with minor injuries.