Passengers are more likely to buckle-up when the driver does


Buckle-up to save your passengers!

A research by Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services - USA shows that passengers are more likely to wear the seatbelt when the driver buckles-up!

The study examined the association between passenger’s seatbelt use and driver’s seatbelt use with a statewide injury surveillance system in. The study included 36,012 passengers who were involved in motor vehicle crashes in 2004 – 2013. The results showed that if a driver wore a seatbelt, 92.6% of his/her passengers also wore seatbelts. While if a driver did not wear a seatbelt, only 19.1% of his/her passengers wore seatbelts. Compared to passengers whose driver wore a seatbelt, passengers in a vehicle where the driver was not buckled-up had a significantly higher probability of non-seatbelt use.

Download the research on this link.