Zahrat El-Ihsan students, Kunhadi & Junior Taxi collaborate to raise drunk driving awareness at their prom


Prom nights are some of the happiest occasions that mark a person's life. Sadly, many of them end with a tragic traffic crash caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, that seriously injure and sometimes kill young adults who were celebrating only a few moments ago.

Knowing this, and fearing for their friends' safety, Zahret El-Ihsan students sought Kunhadi's help to prevent any tragedy from taking place on the road from their prom in Okaibe on June 27, 2016.
With the help of Junior Taxi who is committed to improving road safety in Lebanon, Zahret El-Ihsan students were offered discounts on Taxi rides to take them from their prom night back to their houses safely.

AUB students also collaborated with Kunhadi and Junior Taxi to offer their peers encouraging discounts on Taxi rides at their Post Grad party on June 28 at Veer - Kaslik.

Kunhadi commends students on their initiatives to save their friends' lives and also reminds everyone to drink moderately and always make sure to take a cab to keep the good times coming!