Kunhadi Taxi Night April 2016


10 years ago, 18-year-old Hady Gebrane went out to party at one of Lebanon’s most prominent nightclubs B018. Hady never made it home that night. In October 2006, Kunhadi was born.

10 years and fifteen Taxi Night later, Kunhadi is celebrating Hady’s 10th anniversary on the same date: April 15, same place: B018 to remember him with a smile and raise awareness against drunk driving.

Taxi Night is a party concept that was created by Kunhadi in 2007 to promote the use of taxis among youth as an alternative to drinking and driving. Taxi Night guests arrive to the party and leave back home by Taxi rides offered by Kunhadi, as driving is not allowed. Taxi Night tickets include two drinks - to encourage moderate drinking - and open water to keep guests hydrated throughout the night.
A number of public figures and celebrities will also be arriving to Taxi Night in Taxis to set a role model for younger people to follow.

The sixteenth edition of Taxi Night is sponsored by Lebanon’s largest alcohol distributor Diageo and the most frequented after-party restaurant Zaatar w Zeit, in an initiative to promote responsible drinking and safer parties.

Tickets sold at Ihjoz.com/TaxiNight:
50$ regular: 2-way taxi, 2 drinks and open water
70$ premium: 2-way taxi, 2 premium drinks and open water

Tickets are also available at Khoury Home, Malik's Lebanon, Liban Post and Alt City.