Kunhadi To Install Pedestrian Bridge on Jounieh Highway


A survey conducted by Kunhadi revealed that around 24% of car crashes that occurred across Lebanon during the month of October 2014 have been pedestrian-vehicle crashes, with a total that amounts to 1,589 pedestrian-vehicle crashes.

According to the World Health Organization Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015, 43% of road traffic deaths in Lebanon are Pedestrians.

This is the result of a serious lack of pedestrian structures that enable stem to use the road safely.
One of the many examples is Jounieh Highway, notorious for the high toll of pedestrian-related road traffic collisions.
This arterial highway leading to the North of Lebanon is a principal multi-lane high speed highway heavy with traffic. It separates two important economic hubs, Adonis and Zouk Mosbeh, yet lack a pedestrian bridge despite the dire need for one. Pedestrians needing to cross from one city to the other on their way to work, have no alternative but to cross directly on the highway, often getting hit by cars or causing cars to collide together trying to avoid them.

For these reasons, Kunhadi is planning on constructing a pedestrian bridge on this highway that will also be the first of its kind: it will be equipped with elevators on both sides to make it accessible to the elderly and the disabled. To make sure the elevators will only be used by those it’s aimed for, access them will be granted through acquiring a special access card from Jounieh Municipality.

Beneficiaries: This project is directly aimed at all road users residing and working in Zouk Mosbeh, Adonis and the surrounding areas, particularly pedestrians.

    •    Decreasing traffic
    •    Shortening distances
    •    Reducing pedestrian-related crashes

Current state: The bridge plans have already been completed by a contracting firm. It has received the confirmation of the Ministry of Public Works, the Council for Development and Reconstruction and Municipality of Jounieh.

Next steps:
    •    Collecting USD 650,000 to fund its installation
    •    Construction of the bridge
    •    Raising awareness and informing the Lebanese public of the bridge through campaigns and interviews

Kunhadi will launch the crowd funding campaign towards end of December - Beginning January.