Fundraising For Mazen, Car Crash Survivor


Ten years ago, at only 25 years-old, Mazen had a car crash that cost him his mobility. He had thirteen surgeries so far but he is still unable to move by himself and needs to take 16 tablets of medicines every day. Today, Mazen is still in the same situation, waiting for his mother all day, alone at home, unable to carry out basic necessities by himself. Samira, his mother, took it upon herself to pay for the medical cares but she was quickly overwhelmed by the bills. After her call for solidarity on television, Kunhadi contacted her decided to help Mazen.

With your donations, Kunhadi will provide Mazen with an electric wheelchair, necessary medicines and a tablet connected to internet.

Thanks to the electric wheelchair, Mazen’s daily life will considerably improve since he will no longer be entirely dependent on his mother. Finally being able to take care of himself will be a great relief. Moreover, with his gained autonomy and the tablet connected to internet, he will be able to develop his interests and friendships online, considering he cannot leave the house. He will also be able to share his story with others and support people who are in the same situation.

Head over to the fundraising page here to make a donation.

City Center Beirut called Kunhadi and offered to sponsor the full cost of Mazen's electric wheelchair and tablet.
Mazen and his mother will also enjoy a free shopping experience at Beirut City Center, have a nice dinner and watch a movie.

Contributions collected for Mazen will help him acquire additional tools to facilitate his daily life.