World Day of Road Traffic Victims Remembrance Day - Lebanon


Beirut – November 15, 2015

Road traffic collisions are rapidly becoming a global epidemic with over 1.25 million yearly deaths worldwide and over 850 deaths in Lebanon, making it the leading cause of death for young people aged between 15 – 29 years whose presence is vital for their families and communities.

This year is the 10th years since the United Nations (UN) acknowledged the third Sunday of every November the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This day is an opportunity to raise public awareness of the burden of traffic collisions on communities and urge the governments to initiate efforts to control this major public health, in addition to assisting victims and their families.

This November 15, Kunhadi invited a number of parents and friends who have lost someone dear on the road for a small gathering in Université Saint Joseph (USJ) – Campus de l’Innovation et du Sport, not to remember the tragedy, but to remember the departed with a smile.

The ceremony commenced with a loud round of applause that replaced the customary moment of silence, in recognition of efforts made by bereft parents and friends to overcome these tragedies.
Guests then shared happy memories and humorous stories about their lost loved ones. The gathering also offered parents the opportunity to exchange common situations they went through after their tragic loss.
USJ Road Safety Management students also joined Kunhadi’s event with a promise made to grieving parents to never let their loss go in vain but, on the contrary, to only let this loss fuel their dedication to improving road safety in Lebanon until road traffic fatalities cease. 

Every family then hung a picture of their loved one and lit candles before they released balloons in memory of those we lost on the road.