#SaveKidsLives campaign has reached 1 million signatures


Every day in the world, more than 500 children die on the roads and more than thousands are injured. To tackle this global issue, UN launched a global campaign to #SaveKidsLives.
With a first target of 100,000 signatures, the petition “Child Declaration for Road Safety” has reached one million signatures! 

These signatures will be taken to worldwide policy makers during the Second Global High Level Conference on Road Safety held in Brasilia on November 18-19 to demand action and call the international community to meet the UN’s Global Goals target of halving road traffic fatalities by 2020. 

A number of Lebanese leaders signed the petition, including General Aoun, the Minister of Social Affaires Rachid Derbas, the Minister of Justice Achraf Rifi and the Minister of Public Works and Transport Ghazi Zeaiter. 

You can still sign the petition and add your voice to the rest of the world’s in demanding better safety for children on the road! 

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