Kunhadi Runs for Road Safety in Beirut Marathon 2015


1300 supporter of Kunhadi chose to make their registration in the national event Beirut Marathon through Kunhadi with the objective of supporting the NGO and raise road safety awareness in a country where traffic collisions have become the number one cause of death of youth aged between 15 and 29 years.

Individuals, students, professional runners, families, private companies joined Kunhadi group on November 8 at Beirut Marathon wearing their fluorescent jackets to remind pedestrians to always remain visible through bright and reflective clothing whenever they are on the road. 
Kunhadi also recommends that cyclists and motorcyclists would wear the fluorescent jacket to make sure drivers see them clearly.

It is thanks to contributions such as the Marathon registration, that Kunhadi is capable of moving onwards with its projects and fund its activities to enhance road safety in Lebanon.

Together, we can save lives!