US officers disguise as homeless people to catch distracted drivers


Police officers are getting more and more creative to catch reckless drivers!

In Maryland (USA), a police officer disguised as a homeless man was watching out for drivers using their phones in the morning commute. The policeman was equipped with a wireless microphone and despite holding a sign saying “I am not homeless. I am a Montgomery County Police Officer looking for cell phone texting violations”, he could catch 56 distracted drivers. 
The authorities came up with this new idea to tackle the dangers of distracted driving as they witness more and more distracted-driver-related deaths. Similar initiatives have been taken all over North America.

This non-conventional method made a lot of discontented among ticketed people, who consider this approach as an invasion of private life. A Police Commander in Canada, where a similar initiative was taken a few months ago, also described this distracted driving enforcement as: “a good idea but not the right way to do it”. 

Kunhadi reminds you that at a speed of 50 km/h only, looking at your phone for 1 second means you travelled 14 meters blind. Also, the use of any kind of communication devices is totally forbidden by the New Traffic Law. 
So put your phone away or park safely before writing a text or answering a phone call!