Kunhadi Highly Commended at Brake Charity (UK) "Fleet Safety Awards"


Back in July 2015, Kunhadi Taxi Night Initiative was nominated for the prestigious “Fleet Safety Awards 2015” organized by Brake Charity (UK) for its innovation in raising drunk driving awareness  among the Lebanese community and encouraging the use of Taxis as a safer alternative.

Kunhadi was shortlisted for the category of Road Safety in the Community Award along with eight English and international organizations and institutions.

The importance behind this nomination is that Kunhadi was one of only two non-governmental organizations short-listed, among 122 entries from companies most of which are enlisted in the New York and/or London stock exchange.

The results were announced during a celebration on October 1st in London rewarding Gist World with the Road Safety in the Community Award. Kunhadi Taxi Night and Johnson & Johnson's initiatives were recognized and highly commended for their innovation and success.

This event serves as a reinforcement for Kunhadi’s well-established drive and motivation to work harder towards the target of 0 deaths on the road.