Kunhadi & Almaza Enjoy Responsibly Day at Mar Mikhael and Jounieh


Lebanon’s leading Brewer, Alamza, teamed up with Kunhadi to organize event for the occasion of Heineken’s global ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ day.

On Friday, September 18, Almaza and Kunhadi hit highly frequented nightlife streets in Mar Mikhael and Jounieh to join youngsters in their favorites places and make sure they know the risks they run if they had the most dangerous cocktail mix: alcohol and driving.

Using alcohol breathalyzers, Kunhadi and Almaza were able to show young party-goers their blood alcohol level (b.a.c.) and with the help of flyers, they explained how people could estimate the time needed for for their b.a.c. to drop back to the legal level: 0.5 gramme per liter of blood or 0.25 milligram per liter of exhaled air.
Kunhadi also offered free taxi rides back home to anyone who accepted.

The surprise, or not, was the average b.a.c. level that exceeded by far the legal limit to drive, yet almost everyone came driving or in the company of a driver who is spending their night drinking as well.

What was even more shocking, was the reaction of a few pubs in both Mar Mikhael and Jounieh who refused to allow Almaza and Kunhadi to raise awareness regarding responsible alcohol consumption, as they considered it will hinder their profit making.

With the support of our dedicated volunteers and wonderful supporters, we believe we will be able to spread the culture of safe nightlife and responsible alcohol consumption among all our community.