Bad drivers are half as attractive as motorists with good driving skills


The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) teamed up with prominent behavioral psychologist Jo Hemming to find an answer for the long-debated question about whether a person’s driving skills affects their desirability.

The experiment showed that 84% of women showed negative reactions to bad driving and were mostly put off by aggressive and confrontational manoeuvres such as road rage, illegal overtaking and tailgating.

Men were less affected by bad driving with 28% reporting a dislike for the driver after watching them behind the wheel.

The top 5 driving behaviors that turn off women:

  1. Illegal overtaking
  2. Road Rage
  3. Bad parking
  4. Texting whilst driving
  5. Three point turn (turning a vehicle around in a narrow space by moving forward, backward and forward again in a sequence of arcs)

Top 5 driving behaviors that turn off men:
  1. Three point turn
  2. Taking selfies at the wheel
  3. Texting whilst driving
  4. Driving the wrong way round a roundabout
  5. Bad Parking

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