Slow Down GPS Uses Children's Voices To Slow Drivers Down


Often, people drift away with their thoughts while driving not noticing how fast they’re going and not paying attention to the need of slowing down when they should. This inattention causes many driver to not slow down around children areas.

Drivers need to be jolted back to reality when it’s necessary and that’s exactly what Slow Down GPS does!

Swedish agency Forsman & Bodefors unveiled their latest invention to improve road safety: the Slow Down GPS is an app that automatically switches the regular GPS navigation voice to a child’s voice around day car centers, schools or any areas where there are a lot of children.

“We are programmed to care for children, so when you hear a child’s voice, it will have that immediate effect to putting your mind to looking after children. There’s an association there already”. - Julian Treasure, Sound expert & Chairman of TSA, UK.

What makes this initiative so effective, is that it makes danger more relevant to the drivers, which prompts them to act quickly to avert risks. Hopefully this idea will be picked up by car industries and navigation systems.

Currently, the child-voice navigation feature is available in Sweden, Finland and Norway.