Kunhadi Trainers Completed Taxi Driver Training Course for Taxi Driving School


One of Kunhadi’s main objectives is to encourage the use of Taxis, notably after a night out drinking to prevent drunk driving as well as fatigue driving.

But after receiving a number of complaints about the unsafe and sometimes risky driving technique among taxi drivers that often discourage people from using this service as a means of transportation, Kunhadi launched the Taxi Driver School project to boost the level of cabbies’ driving and mend this broken trust.

This school will train taxi drivers on safe driving and professional interaction with customers to keep them

During the month of July, Kunhadi’s trainers-to-be received a number of courses presented by instructors from NYD Driving School (UK) and WAATA (Australia) to learn how to train taxi drivers on road safety rules, Lebanese Traffic Law defensive driving, first aid and how to professionally deal with customers in order to insure the best and safest customer service at all times.

Trainers from Australia were sponsored by Kunhadi's former Ambassador, Mrs. Inas Abou Ayyash. 

Kunhadi’s trainers obtained their certificates in:

- Defensive Driving

- Train the Trainer Course that qualifies them to:
  • Design Training Programs
  • Deliver Training Programs
  • Create Assessments
  • Validation of Assessments

- Taxi Driving & Customer that qualifies them to:
  • Customer service
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Drive Taxi Cab
  • Geography (map reading and map analysis)
  • Dispatch system operation

- St. John Ambulance online first aid course.

Kunhadi’s new trainers will also undertake a practical first aid training by the Lebanese Red Cross in the coming months and an additional defensive driving course by NYD Driving School.