Utar Paredsh in India Bans Scenes Disgregarding Road Safety In Commercials & Films


The Uttar Pradesh government banned the display of scenes and commercials in films and on local television showing violation of road safety laws to prevent youths and others from imitating and practicing them.

Press release by the Transport and Road Safety Commission said that scenes violating road safety regulations and laws are often shown on TV and in movies. Drivers on two-wheeled vehicles don’t wear helmets, four-wheeled vehicles drivers don’t wear seat-belts, sometimes these scenes go as far as show a drunken driver and a dangerous excess of speed.
“This kind of scenes have a negative impact on the psyche of common people, especially youths, and encourage them to overlook road safety rules and regulations”, it said.

The press release pointed out that over 16,000 lives are lost yearly on the roads in Utah Pradesh, in addition to more than 20,000 injuries, creating a dire need for special efforts to drive a decrease in these numbers.

It's important to remind the Lebanese media of their wide outreach, hence, its significant role in shaping local driving culture and orient it towards road safety.