Kunhadi, FIA and ATCL install a Safe Crossing in Zouk Mikael


Sponsored by FIA and in collaboration with ATCL, Kunhadi installed a safe crossing in front of Elias Abou Chabke School in Zouk Mikael. 

This safe crossing highlights the entrance of the school through a pedestrian sign, a 20 km/hr speed limit and cat eyes to alert drivers to the presence of students and compel them to slow down and watch for students crossing the road.

The safe crossing also gives students one place where they could collectively cross the road safely while remaining visible to drivers. 

It’s worth pointing out that this safe crossing has an exception: 
Prior to installing a safe crossing, Kunhadi attempts to acquire the permission of the municipality to install speed bumps in front of the safe crossing to force drivers to slow down.

The Municipality of Zouk first refused Kunhadi’s request, therefore cat eyes were installed, instead. But after the pedestrian safe crossing was installed, the municipality approved the speed bump. And seeing the importance of this speed bump in slowing drivers down, it was installed and placed before the cat eyes.

Despite the speed bump and cat eyes’ reversed order, their role of slowing drivers down will be guaranteed, nevertheless, and will protect the safety of students while crossing the road.

Before installing the safe crossing, forty students from Elias Abou Chabke School attended a Road Safety conference by Kunhadi to learn how to stay safe in the car, on the road and in the bus with a special focus on how to cross the road.

This is the thirteenth safe crossing Kunhadi installs since the launching of its pedestrian safety campaign back in 2011. It was also installed on the occasion of the UN global campaign to #SaveKidsLives, which aims to deliver the demands of children to feel safe on the road to the attention of local and international decision and urge them to make children safety on the road a priority.