Moving Campaign Shows What Victims Of Car Crashes Would Look Like If Alive Today


Design Taxi - Yoon Sann Wong In line with National Road Safety Week, road safety charity Brake teamed up with Y&R New Zealand to create an emotional campaign titled ‘Living Memories’

The idea was to stress to New Zealand drivers the life-long implications of bad decisions they make while on the road. 

The project involved five volunteer families. Each family worked with a forensic age progression specialist and digital artist from Weta Digital to create a portrait of what their deceased child–a victim of a car crash–would possibly look like today. 

“Road crashes have devastating consequences for families and the effects last a lifetime. The aim with this campaign is to look not only at lost lives, but also lost potential and lost futures. Living Memories has given these five families an opportunity to see what their child might have looked like, and demonstrates to the rest of us the lasting impact that crashes have,” said Caroline Perry from Brake on Little Black Book

The campaign not only includes a video, but also print, online and outdoor media.