Non-Governmental Organization for youth awareness on Road Safety, established in 2006 after the death of 18-year-old Hady Gebrane. Kunhadi aims to introduce a new culture of safe driving habits among the Lebanese community, notably the Lebanese youth aged between 15 and 29 years.

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KUNHADI Road Safety Conferences


Why is Road Safety such an important cause in Lebanon? How do speed and alcohol put the driver at risk?...

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On April 11, Mrs. Lena Gebrane visited USEK to explain to the young students what are the riskiest behaviors...

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Official School of Bzal in Akkar received Kunhadi on April 10 where we held two road safety conferences...

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KUNHADI Road Safety News


On April 25 and 26, Kunhadi participated at Université Saint Joseph Job Fair, to raise awareness...

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Kunhadi Organized the 18th Edition of its “Taxi Night”   Beirut, Lebanon, April...

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It’s a Saturday night party where you don’t have to worry about driving in Saturday traffic,...

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Road Traffic Crashes in Percentages

Crashes caused by Speed

Fatalities during weekend (Friday Saturday Sunday)

Male Fatalities

Fatalities aged 15 - 29 years

KUNHADI Road Safety Events


The United Nations announced the third Sunday of every November a World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic...

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Beirut, Lebanon, July 20th, 2016: Kunhadi hosted its 17th edition of “Taxi Night”, in partnership...

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