Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

FOURTEEN METERS is the distance you travel when driving at 50km/hr, and your eyes are on your phone for only ONE SECOND.

 Driving requires your undivided attention all the time

The risk of being involved in a collision while using the mobile phone is FOUR TIMES higher than when the mobile is not being used.

Distracted driving is different from speaking to a passenger in the same car who is aware of traffic conditions and can alter the conversation based on the road/driving conditions or can alert you.

 The mobile delays your perception of danger

An alert driver needs around 1 to 2 seconds to react to an emergency. During this reaction time, and at a speed of 50 km/hr., the vehicle will travel at least 14 meters before the driver pulls the brakes and another 14 meters before the car stops (assuming the car and the road are in good and safe conditions).

 Hands-free phones are not safer!

Even if your hands are on the wheel, a conversation on a hands-free device occupies your cognitive abilities and distracts them from the road.

 Urgent Phone Call while Driving

If you receive an urgent phone call while driving, try to end the conversation in less than 40 seconds from a hand-free phone, the time to end the urgent call or the time to find a safe parking spot. Avoid texting while driving at all costs.

Keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road.