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Respecting The Safe Crossing

When the traffic signal turns red, many drivers do not stop their cars before the white lines of the safe crossing, but instead, they continue until they are parked on top or even after it.

What is the difference between stopping your car before and after the safe crossing?

If you do not stop before the white lines:

  • You will compel pedestrians to cross the roads between cars in a manner that is not visible to drivers nor safe for pedestrians
  • You will not be able to see the traffic light turn green as the traffic signals are behind you
  • You will be late to drive on

If you stop before the white lines:

  • You will allow space for pedestrians to cross the road in a straight line on the pedestrian crossing in front of drivers, keeping them visible and safe
  • You will contribute in organizing and easing traffic
  • You will be able to see the light turning green, as traffic signals are still in your point of view.

These couple of meters ahead of the pedestrian crossing do not make any difference to your time or journey, but they benefit pedestrians and keeps them safe.

Share the road!

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